【Discover Marvellous Designs ‧ DFA Awards 2021 Online Showcase】

Amidst the pandemic, creativity and innovation proves to be the remedy for improving our quality of life. This year’s awardees and their awarded projects meaningfully address critical issues such as humanitarian needs, environmental, cultural and sustainable development, revitalisation through technological advancements, and marriage of functionality and aesthetics. The designs unite people from all walks of life through one singularity, and contribute to the betterment of society in Asia and beyond.


At DFA Awards Online Showcase, you can explore influential design projects for Asia, get familiar with global design trailblazers, and meet emerging Hong Kong designers anytime and anywhere. Some of the winners also show up in videos in explaining their design stories. Visit the Online Showcase to learn how the winners inspire communities through their design works now!


Online Showcase: https://dfaawards.viewingrooms.com/

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