【Review “Design Dialogue ── Design Steers Life Experience” online】

The 4th Design Dialogue was successfully held yesterday. Thank you for the support and participation!


In this digital era, design has to keep abreast of the times. At the Design Dialogue, the moderator Steve Leung and guest speakers Tao Liu, Chunyan Cai and Yujie Luo shared their distinctive insights on sustainable design, urban and rural architecture. Tao Liu and Chunyan Cai shared how they preserved the characteristics of old architectures for urbanised design, while Yujie Luo even shared how he incorporated innovative thinking and sustainable concepts into his design project, a "portable building".


Review the remarkable design dialogue at our official channels, and explore how superb designs enhance people’s life experience if you missed the live broadcast.


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The Next Online Design Dialogue “Design Steers Readable Culture” will be conducted in English and start at 17:00 (HKT, GMT+8) on 3 Jun 2021 (Thu). Stay tuned!



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