【DFA Awards 2023 x BODW Gala Dinner - Honouring Design Laureates】

The three highest honours of the DFA Awards 2023 were presented at the BODW Gala Dinner last night. The three design giants were honoured amidst the applause of global design elites and business leaders. In gratitude for the recipients' passion, innovation, and foresight in advancing the development of the Asian design community and benefiting society with design power, distinguished presenters were invited to bestow the awards upon the three laureates: DFA Lifetime Achievement Award - Mr. Kenya Hara, DFA Design Leadership Award - Mr. Victor Lo Chung-wing, and DFA World’s Outstanding Chinese Designer - Ms. Jiang Qiong Er.


These three awards hold immense significance, not only recognising the brilliant achievements of the three giants but also establishing them as exemplars for the next generation in the design industry, inspiring progress and propelling the Asian creative industry forward. Once again, congratulations to Mr. Kenya Hara, Mr. Victor Lo Chung-wing and Ms. Jiang Qiong Er!