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【Event highlights | DFA Awards 2023 Design Dialogue (Hong Kong) - Design is…Harmony of Tradition and Innovation】

The first design dialogue of DFA Awards 2023 was successfully held last Friday. Thank you all for attending!

The moderator, David Lo and guest speakers, Alan Chan, Chan Hei-shing, and Poe Cheung shared how they expressed the inheritance of traditional culture and incorporated new concepts through their works.

Alan Chan reinterpreted the logo of a legendary disco from 38 years ago, featuring a hermaphrodite swimmer, and transformed it into a life-size sculpture for exhibition. Chan Hei-shing used various types of paper and printing techniques to create ‘Calligraphy of Heroes’, a book featuring historical figures and calligraphy designs. And Poe Cheung collaborated with her partner to publish a book featuring the neon sign handwritten manuscripts, hoping to continue the preservation of this precious local culture.

The next Design Dialogue will be held on 8 June at ‘Design Shanghai’. The award-winning designers of DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award will share their design and experience on the theme of ‘Design is…spatial aesthetics’. If you are in Shanghai, don't miss it.
Event details: http://bitly.ws/HmN4

‘DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2023’ Opens for Application Now
Deadline: 28 June (5:00pm) (Hong Kong Time)
Apply now: https://ydta.dfaawards.com/en/online_application/

Final Call!  Apply ‘DFA Design for Asia Awards 2023’
Deadline: 30 June 2023 (5:00pm) (Hong Kong Time)
Entry Fee: HK$ 2,000 per entry

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