【DFA Design for Asia Awards 2020 - Submission from 1st April】

Design thinking is a catalyst for change, providing new insights and ideas into today’s built world through discovery and experimentation. The world is rapidly evolving and everyone needs to participate in change.


The DFA Design for Asia Awards 2020, recognising design excellence and outstanding designs from the region and covering 4 major design disciplines in 23 categories, is open for global submission starting 1 April. To show supports and cares to the design community, the entry deadline and the promotional period are extended, allowing entrants to take more time to put entries together, at a lower cost, and to be recognised as the designers to look out for in the region in coming years.


Submission details

Date: 1 April - 17 July 2020

Entry fee: HK$2,000 per entry

Promotion: Entry fee 50% off for submissions on or before 31 May 2020 (Hong Kong time)

Submission and details: https://submission.dfaawards.com/ (Online submission only)

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